The Sun Sessions

The Sun Sessions 1978-1983

Sun Records on their website now lists every Orion master recorded at Sun. However there are still some Orion recordings from Sun that are not listed, unless they are listed under a different title. But the following list is what Sun Records acknowledges to exist in its vaults as both released and unreleased Orion recordings plus the addition of the known missing tracks, although no master number is available for these additional titles.

Master # Number/Title
#1862 6 Hours Of Live Recordings

That’s right six hours. Sun states that several concerts from 1979 -1982 were recorded and, although the person who supplied the info did not have the song listing in front of them for each of those performances, he believed they had recorded Orion’s first concert in Athens, Georgia. Also they did have a full live concert at Gilleys, along with concert material recorded by CBS and used on an evening news program. It was pretty much routine, according to this person’s response, that Sun recorded at least one of Orion’s shows every tour as new songs would be added to the show and Shelby wanted live versions of the songs in case they decided to do a live album. Also listed are some live recordings. These are in addition to the 6 hours of live recordings that Sun has listed under this master.

Master # Number/Title
#1863 A Stranger In My Place (live)
#1863A A Stranger In My Place
#1864 A Woman’s Touch
#1865 Ain’t No Good (live)
#1865A Ain’t No Good
#1866 Always On My Mind (live)
#1867 Am I That Easy to Forget
#1867 Anybody Out There
#1868 As I Sit Here and Remember You

Let’s take a look at these 10 recordings. We have live recordings of «A Stranger In My Place», «Ain’t No Good» and «Always On My Mind» all of which have never been officially released live before but now we know they actually exist. Also «A Woman’s Touch», the Tom Jones classic which Orion did in many live performances while at Sun was done in the studio. This is a song which many believed he did not do in the studio. Well folks, he did and #1868 is another song, «As I Sit Here And Remember You». Perhaps this is that song rerecorded at Sun some years later.

Master # Number/Title
#1870 Away In A Manger
#1871 Baby I Still Love You
#1872 Baby Please Say Yes
#1873 Baby You Got It
#1874 Before The Next Teardrop Falls
#1875 Beggin’ To You
#1876 Billy and Sue
#1877 Blue Moon Of Kentucky
#???? Born
#1878 Burning Love
#1879 Can’t Help Falling In Love

Above is the next batch of 10 songs. The only track out of the group currently unreleased as of yet would be #1875 «Beggin To You» although it has been included on several bootleg releases.

Master # Number/Title
#1880 Changing
#1881 The Closer He Gets*
#1882 Crazy Arms
#1883 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
#1884 Deck The Halls
#1885 Devil In My Angel
#1886 Dixie Fried
#1887 Don’t Be Cruel
#1888 Don’t Make Me Wait
#1889 Ebony Eyes

* This is a Boblo recording. Jimmy’s long time friend, Steve Kelley, stated that Sun Records had a lease agreement with Boblo Records and possibly this is not a re-recording but one of the Boblo recordings and just included as a Sun Master. When Kenneth Dokkeberg and Henrik Knudsen recieved some cd’s with unreleased recordings for their «From the Sun Vault» project, «The Closer He Gets» was among the tracks. But the version they got was in fact a 45 vinyl transfer and not a remake.
«Changing» comes from Jimmy Ellis’ second Sun single and «Dixie Fried» is a new song for Orion fans. So far it has been thought that the duet recording featuring Orion and Carl Perkins was the only version fans knew for sure existed. However this version features Orion singing the entire song without it being edited. The other new song is one titled «Don’t Make Me Wait». Also «Devil In My Angel» from the «Surprise» album is listed. One song that Orion is known to have recorded but is not included here is «D.O.A.» and a rough cut of this song exists.

Master # Number/Title
#1890 Endless Sleep
#1891 Face To Face And Heart To Heart
#1892 Feelings
#1893 Feels So Right
#1894 The First Noel
#1895 Flat Foot Sam
#1896 Fool Around (live)
#1897 Games You’ve Been Playing
#1898 Going To California *
#1899 Gone At Last

* «Going To California», is either a re-recording or a copy of the master done at Jack Clement Studios in 1974.
Also «Gone At Last» #1899 which was performed live many times by Jimmy Ellis prior to his arriving at Sun, and also while as Orion, is now said to be recorded in the studio. A true find and welcomed by Orion fans as only live versions were previously known to exist.
Other new songs are «Flat Foot Sam», and «Feels So Right» which Jimmy has been known to perform live on at least one of his barn party shows and should not be confused with Elvis’ «It Feels So Right».
Truly some interesting material here not the least of which is yet another live recording, «Fool Around», possibly from sometime in 1982 as that is when Orion started incorporating that into his shows regularly.

Master # Number/Title
#1901 Got You On My Mind
#1902 Green Green Grass Of Home
#1903 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!
#1904 He Touched Me
#1905 He’ll Have To Go
#1906 Help Me Make It Through The Night
#1907 Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling*
#???? Honey
#???? I Can Help
#1908 I Can Smile
#???? I Can’t Stop Loving You
#1909 I Forgot To Remember To Forget
#1910 I Hear You Knockin’

* «Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling» may be the Boblo master or it may in fact be a re-recording. On the CD’s with unreleased stuff we recieved from Sun Records this song was in fact just the released single version.
Tape #1908, «I Can Smile» is a new song circulating in poor sound among collectors for years. I don’t believe it was recorded at Sun. Also known under the title «I Did Today».
The other songs were heard and released on various releases throughout the years with the exception of the Billy Swan song «I Can Help» (Master Number not known) which turned up on the 2013 release «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».

Master # Number/Title
#1911 I Just Sit Here And Remember You
#1912 I Surrender All
#1913 I Use Her To Remind Me Of You
#1914 If I Can’t Have You
#1915 I Heard The Bell On Christmas Day
#1916 I’ll Be Home For Christmas
#1917 I’ll Take What’s Left Of You
#1918 In A Moment Of Weakness
#1919 It Ain’t No Mystery
#1920 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

«I Just Sit Here And Remember You» remains unreleased.
Tape #1917, I’ll Take What’s Left Of You and Tape #1918, «Moment Of Weakness» remained unissued until 2013 when both were issued on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».

Master # Number/Title
#1921 It Is No Secret
#1922 It Takes A Man To Make A Woman
#1923 It’s You Again*
#1924 Jingle Bells
#1925 Joy To The World
#1926 Just A Closer Walk With Thee
#1927 Just Out Of Reach **
#1928 Kentucky Rain*
#1929 The Last Kiss
#1930 Leave It Like It Is

* These are Boblo recordings either from singles or the album «By Request – Jimmy Ellis Sings Elvis».
«It’s You Again» is in fact a re-recording of his Boblo song done at Sun Records.
** This is a re-recording of the Boblo recording, it is found on the box set by Bear Family.
Tape #1922, «It Takes A Man To Make A Woman» remains unreleased.
Tape #1930, «Leave It Like It Is», was released in 2013 on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».

Master # Number/Title
#1931 Leigh
#1932 Lonesome Angel*
#1933 Long Black Limosine
#1934 The Long Black Veil
#1935 Long Tall Sally
#1936 Look Me Up And Lay It On Me
#1937 Look Me Up and Lay It On Me (live)
#1938 Love Is In The Air (live)
#1939 Love Me Tender
#1940 Lover Please

Tape #1931, «Leigh». Unreleased re-recording of the song Jimmy did at Playground Recording Studio.
*Tape #1932, Lonesome Angel was originally recorded at Boblo and 5 takes were apparently put on tape of the song.
Tape #1937, «Look Me Up And Lay It On Me» and Tape #1938, «Love Is In The Air», both are live recordings the second of which was recorded over a decade later in the studio at Kardina.

Master # Number/Title
#1941 Lying Eyes
#1942 Matchbox
#1943 Maybe Tommorrow
#1944 Maybelline
#1945 Me and Bobby McGee
#1946 Mean Woman Blues*
#1947 Memphis Sun
#1948 Midnight Rendevous
#1949 Mona Lisa
#1950 Moody Blue*

* Both of these are Boblo recordings and were done for the «By Request – Jimmy Ellis Sings Elvis» album prior to his contract with Sun.
Midnight Rendevous has two versions to it, one appeared on the bootleg album «Surprise», the other on The Bear Family CD «Some Might Think he Is King Elvis».
Tape #1941, «Lying Eyes» is Orion‘s version of the song made famous by The Eagles and released in 2013 on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».

Master # Number/Title
#1951 Morning Noon And Night*
#1952 Mountain Of Love
#1953 Movin’ On **
#1954 My Baby Is Out Of Sight ***
#1955 My Way **
#1956 Night Of The Rain
#1957 No One Will Ever Know
#1958 It’s Now Or Never
#1959 O Little Town Of Bethlehem****
#???? Old Mexico
#1960 Old Time Rock

* Tape #1951, «Morning Noon And Night» was originally done at Boblo according to a very reliable source. It is not known if Sun would have copies of these recordings as well as their Sun master, however, as evidenced so far in this list, Sun does have several Boblo masters.
** Tape #1953, «Movin’ On» is a Boblo recording
*** Tape #1954, «My Baby’s Out Of Sight» was re-recorded at Sun for the «Surprise» album. Sun may also have the Boblo master for this as well. No other details were available.
Tape #1952, «Mountain Of Love» previously only heard on a bootleg live album was done in the studio and is an unreleased song.
**** Tape #1959, «O’ Little Town Of Bethlehem» was never released on the «Christmas To Elvis» CD. It was only available for a very short time on the Sun Orion Fan Club extended play.
Tape #1960, «Old Time Rock» would be re-recorded by Orion for Aaron Records in 1988 for the album «New beginnings». However it was part of his live show as early as 1983. Recorded at Sun and unissued until 2013 when it was included on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».

Master # Number/Title
#1961 On The Road Again*
#1962 One Night Of Love
#1963 The Other Side Of You
#1964 Out Of The Blue
#1965 Patches
#1966 Peace in The Valley
#1967 Peggy Sue
#1968 Please Come Home For Christmas****
#1969 Please Help Me I’m Falling
#1970 Release Me

* Tape #1961, «On The Road Again» was part of Orion’s live show while at Sun, apparently some where along the way they did cut it in the studio.
Tape #1963, «The Other Side Of You» was originally recorded by Ral Donner, a rough, alternative cut of this surfaced on the bootleg CD «Bits and Pieces» while the finished track eventually saw release on the «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1» CD in 2013.
Tape #1962, «One Night Of Love» is an unreleased song. I have heard it and it is not to be mistaken for «One Night With You». There is also a rehearsal tape in a private collectors hands where this nice song is recorded.
Tape #1964, «Out of the Blue» was re-recorded in the early 1990’s at Kardina but was a song used in live performances occasionally during the 1980’s as well. Orion originally cut this for Sun Records on march 16, 1983 and this version was released in 2013 on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».
**** Tape #1968, «Please Come Home For Christmas» is an unreleased Christmas song. It is possible he recorded it with the other Christmas songs that were eventually released on CD or the Fan Club extended play or may have been recorded at the same time as Sun1148, the single «Remember Bethelehem» and «Silent Night.» A very rough version of it exist among the collectors.

Master # Number/Title
#1971 Return To Sender*
#1972 Revenge**
#1973 Revenge**
#1974 Rock Around The Clock
#1975 Rock It Billy Rock It
#1976 Rock N Roll Heaven***
#1977 Rockabilly Rebel
#1978 Rockin’ Little Angel
#1979 Rocky
#1980 Rollin’ With The Flow

*Tape #1971, «Return To Sender» is from Boblo and the «By Request – Ellis Sings Elvis» album.
** Tape #1972 and Tape #1973, is titled «Revenge», possibly meaning that it is 2 different songs with the same title (example: Elvis’ Roustabout), or it is the same song done in two totally different styles. Possibly the song of the same title also recorded by Brook Benton.
Tape #1975, «Rock It Billy Rock It», remained unheard until released in 2013 on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».
*** Tape #1976, «Rock ’n’ Roll Heaven», The Righteous Brothers did this song, however it is possible that this is «Honky Tonk Heaven» under a different title.
One final note about «Rock Around The Clock», this is a song rumored to have been recorded by Elvis back at Sun. The fact that Orion did this song shows that Shelby was out there listening to those rumors and getting Orion to record those rumored songs as quickly as possible. None of this has been released officially, as of yet.

Master # Number/Title
#1981 Run Fool Run
#1982 San Francisco Is A Lonely Town
#1983 Save The Last Dance For Me**
#1984 Secret Love
#1985 See You Later Alligator
#1986 Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
#1987 She Hates To Be Alone
#1988 She Uses Me***
#1989 Sing Me Like You Sing Your Songs****
#1990 Slow Hand*****
#???? Snowbird

Tape #1981, «Run Fool Run» was a staple of Jimmy Ellis’ live show from the late 70’s onwards. This is yet another example of a live song no-one thought was recorded in the studio but finally turned up on in 2013 on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».
** Tape # 1983, «Save The Last Dance For Me» is the solo version and was only ever released on the «20 All Time Favourites» album which was sold on TV.
*** Tape #1988, «She Uses Me» is an alternate title for the song «I Use Her To Remind Me Of You» and the version Sun Records has is a remake.
**** Tape #1989, «Sing Me Like You Sing Your Songs» is the same as the song «Just Another Waterhole in Texas».
***** Tape #1990, «Slow Hand», this was a part of Jimmy Ellis’ live show after he left Sun, it likely was laid down near the very end of his recording contract at Sun, along with several other songs that he would eventually record for Prostar/Kardina/Hardin Records.

Master # Number/Title
#1991 Softly And Tenderly
#1992 Solitaire*
#???? Somewhere My Love
#1993 Some You Win, Some You Lose
#1994 Special Angel **
#1995 Strangers
#1996 Strangers Til We Touch****
#1997 Such A Night *****
#1998 Suzie Q
#1999 Sweet Hour Of Prayer
#2000 I Heard You Talkin’ With Your Eyes

* Tape #1992, «Solitaire», this song was sang live in the very early days of Orion, as he did not have a lot of material of his own, so he did perform some Elvis songs in concert. This was most likely done early on in the studio and discarded for newer fresher material and just never used.
** Tape #1994, «Special Angel», a Bobby Helms song. This may have been one of the songs considered for the «Reborn» album as it does follow the concept that was used on that album.
Tape #1995, «Strangers» remained unreleased until 2013 when included on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».
**** Tape #1996, «Strangers Till We Touch» has only been released officially in Europe on the German «Fresh» album. It was slated for the deleted «Surprise» album.
***** Tape #1997, «Such A Night» is one of the songs recorded for «By Request – Ellis Sings Elvis» album originally done at Boblo.

Master # Number/Title
#2001 Teddy Bear*
#2002 Teen Angel
#2003 Tell Laura I Love Her
#2004 Texas Tea
#2005 That Feeling**
#2006 That’s All Right
#2007 That’s All She Wrote
#2008 Then I’ll Be Over You
#2009 There You Go ****
#2010 There’s No Easy Way

* Tape #2001, «Teddy Bear» is from Boblo for the «By Request – Ellis Sings Elvis» album.
** «That Feeling». This tape #2005 may in fact be the long rumored recording «That Old Time Feeling» that is rumored to have been issued on 45 and sent to DJ’s but then pulled. Again it could also be an alternate title for the song «Here Comes That Feeling Again» done at Boblo.
Tape #2007, «That’s All She Wrote» remained locked away until released in 2013 on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».
**** Tape #2009, «There You Go» was originally recorded at Boblo, however a re-recording of this track appeared on the Bear Family box set in 1999. Sun may have both versions of this song.

Master # Number/Title
#2011 These Sometimes
#2012 This Is A Hold Up
#2013 Tragedy
#???? Treat Her Right
#2014 Trust In the Lord (live)*
#2015 Tupelo Woman**
#2016 Turn Around
#2017 Two Hearts***
#???? Two Loving Shadows on Fire
#2018 Up On The House Top
#2019 Washing Machine
#2020 We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Tape #2012, «This Is A Hold Up Baby» has been made available on bootleg.
* Tape #2014, «Trust In the Lord», yet another live recording.
** Tape #2015, «Tupelo Woman», is the same as the Boblo master.
*** Tape #2017, «Two Hearts» is an unreleased Orion song and possibly the same track previously recorded by Pat Boone.
The song «Treat Her Right» (Master number not known) previously available as a rough cut on bootleg albums first saw its official release on the 2013 album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1».

Master # Number/Title
#2021 What Now My Love
#2022 What Did I Promise Her Last Night
#2023 What’d I Say
#2024 Whatever It Takes
#2025 What’s Forever For
#2026 Where He Leads Me
#2027 Where No One Stands Alone
#2028 White Christmas
#2029 Women Do Know How To Carry On
#2030 You’re Driving Me To Someone Else
#2031 You Can Have Her
#2032 You Can’t Judge A Book
#2033 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
#2034 You Don’t Know Me
#2035 Always On My Mind

* Tape #2024, «Whatever It Takes», this was possibly recorded for the «Surprise» album.
** Tape #2025, «What’s Forever For» is a unreleased song but known by the fans as Jimmy did it live in concert several times..
*** Tape #2029, «Women Do Know How To Carry On», was a staple of Jimmy Ellis’ live show from 1983 till around 1989 and once again another live song not thought to have been professionally recorded in the studio but was in fact recorded at Sun.
**** Tape #2030, «You’re Driving Me To Someone Else’s Arms». This is likely the recording done at Jack Clement Studios in 1974, although it is possible that Orion may have re-recorded this and several other tracks at Sun.
* Tape #2033, «You Dont Have To Say You Love M» is from the «By Request – Ellis Sings Elvis» album from Boblo. This song was also occasionally performed live throughout his whole career.
** Tape #2034, «You Don’t Know Me» first appeared on the bootleg CD «Downtime» and was recorded during his California sessions ca. 1975. Several of Jimmys recorded songs from California is the hands of Sun Records. My gue Jimmy brought them to them for release at some point.

Master # Number/Title
#2036 Dixie Fried Orion and Carl Perkins
#2037 Glad All Over Orion and Carl Perkins
#2038 Gone Gone Gone Orion and Carl Perkins
#2039 Honey Don’t Orion and Carl Perkins
#2040 Lonely Street Orion and Carl Perkins
#2041 Matchbox Orion and Carl Perkins
#2042 Put Your Cat Clothes On Orion and Carl Perkins
#2043 Your True Love Orion and Carl Perkins

These were all done at the very beginning when Orion first came to Sun Records. Now if the story is correct and Sun edited together Orion’s version of the song with that of the original then we would have eight additional songs on this list alone because the version of «Matchbox» found on the «Rockabilly» album is not the same one as this, as the vocal sounds different. However on the box set «Who Was That Masked Man» we hear a few seconds of Orion in the studio on «Your True Love», and he is singing along with the original but only singing his lines. So it is equally possible he only sang certain lines for these songs and the other duets.
But the fact That «Dixie Fried» and «Save the Last Dance For Me» are on this list leads listeners to the conclusion that he did in fact sing some of these tracks in their entirety.

Master # Number/Title
#2044 Breakup – Orion and Charlie Rich
#2045 Gentle As A Lamb Orion and Charlie Rich
#2046 On My Knees Orion and Charlie Rich
#2047 Sittin’ and Thinkin’ Orion and Charlie Rich
#2048 Who Will The Next Fool Be Orion and Charlie Rich

Once again these could be four solo songs as recorded by Orion, but they are not found in the solo part of this list, so they either only have Orion during certain lines for these songs or they have possibly lost the master for each of them, and only have the duets remaining. These were all released on the «Trio+ Friends» album and on the box set «Who Was That Masked Man» from Bear Family along with the Carl Perkins tracks listed above.

Master # Number/Title
#2050 Be Bop A Lula Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2051 C.C. Rider – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2052 Cold Cold Heart – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2053 Good Golly Miss Molly – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2054 Good Rockin’ Tonight – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2055 Hello Josephine – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2056 I Forgot To Remember To Forget* – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2057 I Love You Because** – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2058 It Won’t Happen With Me – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2059 Money – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2060 Release Me*** – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2061 Rockin’ The Boat Of Love – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2062 Save The Last Dance For Me – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2063 Sweet Little Sixteen Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis
#2064 What’d I Say – Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis

It should be obvious that Sun recorded more duets with Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis than any of the other Sun artists, as Jerry Lee was still a very big name in country music, and it allowed Shelby to generate money from his back catalog. Charlie Rich’s career was on the way down and Carl Perkins had a brief resurgence on the Jet label in 1978, but was also on the way back down again. So Jerry Lee offered the most profit for the label. «What’d I Say», tape #2064 has that edited portion where he really did sound like Elvis. This was not part of the original recording but was found and added on later to add to the controversy that the “friend” on the album might in fact be Elvis.
* Tape #2056, «I Forgot To Remember To Forget» is a duet with Jerry Lee Lewis and Orion. The solo version was released on the box set so that may have been done at Sun. The duet version has never been released however.
«Hound Dog», was on the box set as well but is not included on the Sun Records website list.
** Tape #2057, «I Love You Because» is from the «Duets» album. A solo version appeared on the «Feelings» album in 1983, however that song is not found on the solo portion of this list.
*** Tape #2060. «Release Me». This is an unreleased duet. A solo version was released on Orion’s «Country» album in 1980.
It is possible that solo versions of all these songs exist as this list is obviously incomplete.
The 1981 TV marketed album «20 All Time Favourites» contained an Orion solo version of «Save The Last Dance For Me». Until the 2013 release of «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1» the aforementioned album was the only official release of the song without the Jerry Lee Lewis overdubs.

Master # Number/Title
#2065 Cold Cold Heart – Orion and Jim Owen
#2066 Half As Much – Orion and Jim Owen
#2067 Hey Good Lookin’ – Orion and Jim Owen
#2068 I Can’t Help It – Orion and Jim Owen
#2069 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry – Orion and Jim Owen
#2070 Jambalaya – Orion and Jim Owen
#2071 Lovesick Blues – Orion and Jim Owen
#2072 Take These Chains From My Heart – Orion and Jim Owen
#2073 Your Cheatin’ Heart – Orion and Jim Owen

All of these are true duets recorded in the studio with both singers present at the same time. All of these were originally made famous by Hank Williams Sr.
Seven of the above titles were released in 2013 on the album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1». Both «Hey Good Lookin’» and «I Can’t Help It» remain unreleased in any form.

Master # Number/Title
#2074 Ballad Of A Teenage Queen – Orion and Johnny Cash
#2075 Get Rhythm –  Orion and Johnny Cash
#2076 Country Boy – Orion and Johnny Cash

Considering the late Johnny Cash was voted the most important man in the history of country music, this makes his recordings with Orion even more important, even though they were likely overdubs. It is possible Orion recorded these tracks solo but no further information on this is available at the present time.

Master # Number/Title
#2077 Love Is In The Air Orion and Universe

This was laid down towards the end of Orion’s stay at Sun and finally issued on the CD album «From The Sun Vaults Vol.1» in 2013. Apparently he wanted to try his band in the studio. On the solo list Sun mentions a live version of the song, and we all know an alternate version of this song was recorded several years later for Kardina.

1. «Honky Tonk Heaven»: Not listed anywhere on the Sun Master Catalog. Have they lost the master or is it listed it under another title?
2. «Remember Bethlehem»: Orion’s recordings of Silent Night and Remember Bethlehem are not on this list. These were recorded at Sun but are not included on this list. What happened to these songs? and are there any others that we don’t know about that Sun misplaced as well? Could Sun have lost the masters for these recordings as well?
3. «I Can Love You Better»: This was recorded at Sun, however it is not listed (just like D.O.A.). Since the master turned up at Playground Recording Studio in 2006 while searching for Jimmy Ellis material it is likely that Shelby did give the owner Finlay Duncan some masters at one point.
4. «I Love You Because»: Although both solo and duet versions have been officially issued, the Sun website gives no mention of the solo version issued on the «Feelings» album.
5. «Hound Dog»: This track has not been listed on the Sun Recordings website though it can be found on the Bear Family boxset.
6. «I Forgot To Remember To Forget»: The solo version has been released but, as yet, no release for the duet with Orion and Jerry Lee Lewis.
7. «Two Loving Shadows On Fire» was recorded for the planned LP «Surprise». It has been out on bootleg but is not listed in the song list from Sun Records.

That brings his total Sun output to at least 226 total songs, not counting possible duplication from the various duets mentioned. It is possible if those exist as solos that there is in excess of 260 Orion Sun recordings.

It’s the people of Sun Records dishonest contracts with ‘little known’ artist’s with great talent, that gave the Recoding Industry a bad name. Jimmy Ellis would have been famous on his own,without the masked star ORION. The only way that he could actually make money was with his Elvis voice and the mask.




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