The Boblo Sessions


Boblo Studios in Brunswick, Georgia:
It’s You Again
The Closer He Gets*

*The song “The Closer He Gets” was originally recorded in Los Angeles, Ca. apr. 1975. Jimmy brought the master to Bobby Smith on Boblo and he edited in the talking part in the middle before he released it.

Boblo Studios in Brunswick, Georgia:
Tupelo Woman
Just Out Of Reach
There You Go
Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling Again
Movin’ On*
My Baby’s Out Of Sight

*According to Bobby Dillard (Jimmys friend from school) the song «Movin’ On» was recorded in Los Angeles, Ca. apr. 1975.

Boblo Studios in Brunswick, Georgia:
I’m Not Trying To be Like Elvis
Games You’ve Been Playing

Warehouse Recording Studio in Jacksonville, Florida
Engineer: Tom Markham, producer: Bobby Smith, backing band: Avalanche

Moody Blue
Return To Sender
Kentucky Rain
Can’t Help Falling In Love
It’s Now Or Never
Burning Love
You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
Love Me Tender
Mean Woman Blues
Teddy Bear

The eleven tracks above was released on the LP «By Request – Ellis Sings Elvis» on Boblo Records in 1978.

Other songs that is known to be recorded at Boblo:
Baby I Still Love You

Songs rumoured to be recorded at Boblo:
Morning Noon And Night

Do you have any of these on CD for sale?


Dear Kenneth Dokkeberg,

I hope this email finds you doing well!

My name is Ryan LaFollette, I’m a young independent film maker, and I’m currently in production of a made for Internet film based on the life of Jimmy Ellis.

I’m trying to find out how to contact Boblo Records to inquire about using some of the music Orion produced with them. I saw your website and thought maybe you could help point me in the right direction.

Thank you for your time and consideration (and your wonderful website, which is perfect for an Orion fan like myself)

Ryan LaFollette


I live close to Orrville Al, and I am a big Orion fan. Are there any relatives living in the Orrville area. Thanks Richard Saunders Greenville Al


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