Jimmy Ellis unreleased studio outtakes 1972


Direct from the mixing desk of Playground Recording Studio: This is a direct transfer from the original studio reels of one of Jimmy’s first studio visits in Valapraiso, Florida in June 1972. Here you will get the collectors dream of false starts, count ins and alternate takes of the legendary recordings of “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and “That’s All Right”. Also the raw mix as they were recorded! These were recorded at Playground Recording Stduio by Finley Duncan and then leased to Shelby Singleton – which almost got sued by RCA for releasing unreleased Elvis material. I bought these ten years ago and they were quite expensive at the time. Offered here at a much lower price. They have been in my collection ever since. They were delivered on CD-R and they are still in the original package which will follow the CD’s.CD 2 mostly contains small clips from the transfer and mixing, but very cool to hear.

Listen to a sound clip: 



1. Blue Moon of Kentucky (raw mix from original mastertape)
2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (alternative take + studio talk and count in)
3. Blue Moon of Kentucky (false start + studio talk
4. That’s All Right, Mama (raw mix from original mastertape)
5. That’s All Right, Mama (several alternative takes + studio talk and count in)


DISC 2: RUNNING MIX FROM PLAYGROUND RECORDING STUDIO (Cd mostly contains short segments)
1. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
5. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
7. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
8. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
9. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
10. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
11. Piano playing short
12. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
13. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
14. Piano playing
15. Piano playing
16. Piano playing 
17. Piano playing
18. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
19. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
20. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
21. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (separate drums incomplete)
22. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
23. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
24. Piano playing + Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete) + more solo piano playing
25. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
26. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
27. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
28. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
29. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (incomplete)
30. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Jimmy solo voice in parts)
31. Jimmy talking in studio
32. Jimmy talking in studio
33. Studio count ins
34. Thats All Right, Mama (alternate take incomplete + talk)
35. Thats All Right, Mama (Jimmy Ellis voice solo in parts)
36. Drum
37. Base
38. studio sounds
39. Base 
40. Instruments try outs
41. Instruments try outs
42. Instruments try outs
43. Instruments try outs + solo Jimmy singing partially
44. Thats All Right, Mama (incomplete)
45. Instruments try outs
46. Instruments try outs
47. Instruments try outs
48. Instruments try outs

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