Jimmy Ellis – In The Beginning (outtakes)

From the personal collection of Jimmy Ellis / Steve Kelley: Cassette tape containing the early material of Jimmy Ellis. Some of his finest work. Some tracks differs from what has been released and are alternate takes with studio count ins. Highlight is the great sounding solo-version of the song “All In The Wonderful Game”.

Listen to a sound clip: 


Side A:

1. She Loves Me All To Pieces
2. Anna Jones
3. Tiny Hands
4. Circle On Your Finger
5. Days Of Autumn Gold (song does not fade like the official version and runs slightly longer)
6. I Know I Can
7. Going To California (version differs from officially released cassette version – here Jimmy reach high note towards the end)
8. I’d Rather Sit Here And Remember You
9. It’s You Again (studio count in – alternate take)
10. Loving You Is The Most Natural Thing
11. Tender Side Of Me (incomplete)

Side B:

1. Leigh
2. Words Are All I Have
3. All In The Wonderful Game (drums count in and Jimmy’s solo version)
4. Begging To You
5. Can’t Get Used To Sleeping By Myself
6. Going Off The Deep End
7. Wildflower
8. It’s You Again (studio count in – alternate take)
9. Puppet On a String (Jimmy’s solo version)

$45.00 plus s&h


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