Jimmy Ellis – Unreleased studio


From the personal collection of Jimmy Ellis / Steve Kelley: Rare song and some officially unreleased material. Really great sound on the tracks – rare!

Listen to a sound clip: 


Side A:

1. Thank God For America
2. Sunday Father
3. Going Off The Deep End
4. Hell To Pay
5. Midnight Till Morning
6. Mr. Me Misses You
7. You’re Stealing My Wife
8. Her Memory Wont Us Lay Down
9. Can’t Get Used To Sleeping By Myself
10. Let Me Dream I Lay With You Tonight

Side B:
1. Let Me Dream I Lay With You Tonight
2. Old Time Rock 
3. 100 Pounds Of Clay
4. Out Of My Life (studio)
5. Because He Lives 
6. Love Lifted me
7. Freeze Up
8. I Do
9. Still In Love With Billy
10. There Ya Go (X-rated version incomplete).

$75.00 plus s&h


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