Jimmy Ellis at Playground




1 Georgia Pines
2 Anna Jones
3 The Most Natural Thing
4 Days Of Autumn Gold
5 Changing
6 My Baby’s Out Of Sight
7 I Use Her To Remind Me Of You
8 Leigh
9 Remember You
10 Circle On Your Finger
11 Tender Side Of Me
12 I Can Love You Better
13 Everytime You Touch Me
14 Words
15 Kiss The Hurt Away
16 The Most Natural Thing (Outtakes)
17 The Most Natural Thing (Alternate Mix With Background Vocals)
18 Circle On Your Finger (Echo Version)
19 Changing (Outtakes)
20 Changing (Alternate Mix)
21 Tender Side Of Me (Outtakes)
22 Anna Jones (Outtakes)

$20 plus s&h


from what country is this coming from i whant to order 2 cd


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