Elvis’ Altec 195a mic

Elvis' sound engineer, Bill Porter

Elvis’ sound engineer, Bill Porter

This Altec 195a microphone with 29b capsule and power supply was worn by Elvis while recording in the studio/rehearsal and also live. It was bought from Elvis record producer/ sound engineer Pill Porter in the summer of 1973 by veteran producer/chief mastering engineer Chet Bennet who has worked at CBS, Columbia Records and others. He owned the mic until March, 2014 when I bought it from him (see letter of authentecy).

The mic is identical to the one that Elvis wore on his legendary 1968 Comeback Special on NBC. I have asked the producer of the show, Steve Binder and also the sound engineer, Bones Howe, who both said that the equipment they used on the comeback show was delivered by NBC at their request. Where Elvis’ mic is now today is not known but if by any chance NBC leased the equipment from Bill Porter (who had already worked a lot with Elvis) then this might be the actual one.

It still works and sounds great.


You will find an interview with Bill Porter where he mentions the Altec mic here.


My name is George and I like to by a mic just like that one please with power cables.
Can you help me.



August 13, 2020 at 22:44 p08

Hi! If yu are just buying a mic and not a celebrity worn one then I would suggest Ebay. Thank you.


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