September 12, 2020



Jimmy Ellis., LTD Limited partnership contract” 

When Jimmy Ellis decided to give up the horse business and decided to go after a singing career, he sold his horse equipment and formed a company called «Jimmy Ellis Productions, INC.» Here he sold stock in himself as he needed money before going to L.A. and pursue singing.

Offered here is a two sheet info about the partnership which was presented to the stockholder.  It is old and worn – just like it should be.  It is hold together by a stitch in the upper left corner.

Super rare memorabilia from the start up of the singing career of Jimmy Ellis!





 Jimmy Ellis., LTD Limited partnership contract


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April 24, 2019

New Orion dvd out!

Available now! Taken straight from the mastertapes.

$17.00 plus s&h


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March 29, 2019

New 8 cassette tape box for sale!

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September 26, 2017

New Jimmy Ellis 6 CD set – cancelled.

Jimmy Ellis - The Early Recordings

Here is a music sample from the set:



Production costs turned out to be too high compared to the demand on the box set, making the release too economically challenging to make. Lets hope this music finds a way out at some other point.

Dradco will release a 6 CD set in 2018 to commemorate the 20th anniversary since Jimmy’s passing. It will focus on his early years before he became the masked singer Orion. All songs in superb quality, unreleased material from Los Angeles in ’75, unrelesased home recordings and soundboard.

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June 30, 2016

Jimmy Ellis – In The Shadow Of a King Book NOW AVAILABLE!


AVAILABLE HERE – LOWER PRICE! Our  biography book on Jimmy Ellis is now available here on this website! It has 408 pages, harcover and a CD included with some of Jimmy’s finest performances and also unreleased gems from the archives of Sun Records.

The book has been a huge task with 12+ years of research. It is written by myself (Kenneth Dokkeberg), Steve Kelley (Orion’s road manager) and Bobby Dillard (personal friends since College). It has hundreds of unseen photos, interviews with musicians and other people close to Jimmy. Read about his childhood, reaching for the music scene, chasing his  dream and finally his tragic end. This is the definitive book on a man with the voice of a King.

Published by Flaming Star – The official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Norway.

Buy the book here!

$40.00 plus 53$s&h

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May 25, 2014

Orion to recieve “Lifetime Achievement Award” in Las Vegas!

The Dan Lentino Management Group in Las Vegas is honoring Orion / Jimmy Ellis posthumously with a lifetime achievement award. It will be presented at this years Las Vegas Elvis Fest at the LVH formerly the Las Vegas Hilton on July 11th.

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April 8, 2014

Orion mention on «The tonight show with jimmy fallon»


Jimmy Fallon made a mention of Orion and played snippets of «Washing Machine» on his show Monday, April 7, 2014. The crew had also made a pretty decent copy of the blue mask Orion wore on the «Reborn» album. It was part of a comedy sketch with artists ‘not to play’. As they say – all PR is good PR! 🙂

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April 3, 2014

Back the Orion movie!

There is a new film about Orion being made by the talented moviemaker from England, Jeanie Finlay. Here is what the website says:

ORION: The Man Who Would Be King tells the story of Jimmy Ellis – an unknown singer plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight as part of a crazy scheme that had him masquerade as Elvis back from the grave. 

With an outlandish fictional identity torn from the pages of a pulp novel, the backing of the legendary birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll Sun Records and a voice that seemed to be the very twin of Presley’s himself, the scheme – concocted in the months after Presley’s death exploded into a cult success – and the “Elvis is alive” myth began. 

You can see the trailer for the movie and back the project here:


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March 31, 2014

Welcome Orion fans!

On this website you will find the latest Orion/Jimmy Ellis news along with other info you might find useful.

I am always on the lookout for Orion/Jimmy Ellis concerts that I don’t have. So if you filmed him, recorded him or are in possession of anything I might be interested in then do not hesitate to take contact with me thru my e-mail:

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